I am an experienced strategy facilitator: working with teams and individuals to help them think clearly about their strategy.


Learn how I can help you think clearly and make a meaningful impact in your life.


Feel free to contact me to discuss how clear thinking is at the heart of any effective action.

What they say

We have used Nick a number of times to help facilitate complex processes, which involved taking large amounts of data and synthesizing it in ways that we can make sense of it and build relevant strategy. His approach is participatory and consensus building and that, mixed with his experience and skills, have resulted in really useful outputs for TEAR.

-Matthew Maury, National Director, TEAR Australia

What they say

I have collaborated with Nick in planning a number of workshops for two different organisations; one a not-for-profit organisation focussed on making better learning spaces, and the other a private girls school. Nick has the ability to quickly interpret issues, understand the nature of organisations, and shape programs to suit the participant group: whether it’s a high level focus group; an all-staff workshop; or a group of students. Although Nick has an effective range of methodologies to work with, he is always open to ideas, techniques and possibilities enabling a dynamic planning process and resulting workshops. Nick’s excellent rapport with all workshop participants, whatever their background or age, makes for great energy and engagement, enabling excellent outcomes. Even those attending workshops with some scepticism have left agreeing that the journey Nick has led them through has been a valuable process for the organisation.

- Fiona Young, Senior Associate, BVN Architecture

What they say

Nick's first big strength is that he can take a group of individuals that don't necessarily see the same picture, and help them to land on a shared view: to land in a united space. At times this means that the group will collectively "fight" with Nick or with each other! But Nick can find a way through the different views, helping the group create a "synthesis" of their differences: something new and all-encompassing that everyone can get behind. Another of Nick's strengths is that he can take in a lot of complex information and "fine tune" it, making sense of it. He can blend disparate pieces of information and create a "whole" that coheres the key ideas of the group. Thirdly, Nick is a very nice guy. But this won't stop him from "pushing back" on you when it's necessary. In fact it's his likeable personality that allows him to push back. People will take a lot from someone they like!

- Carl Luttig, CEO, Zeal Group Pty Ltd

What they say

I have worked with Nick for more than 12 months, across two different organisations, as both a CEO and non-executive chair. Nick’s work is first class. He is intuitive and gifted in grasping complex and subtle problems and synthesising solutions that genuinely engage all participants. He has an excellent ‘toolbox’ of approaches and is not afraid to use it. One of the great things about Nick’s work is his adaptability. When a conversation needs to run, he lets it run. When it needs to change direction, even when the problem at hand demands a different approach, he adapts quickly. Nick helped us identify, then articulate, a complex multi-layered strategy in a simple and accessible way. What could be better than that?

- Stephen O'Doherty, CEO, Christian Schools Australia Chair, Hope Media

What they say

Clear thinking is exactly what Nick helped us achieve. He is a talented facilitator who works effortless with different stakeholders. For us, he planned sessions that successfully engaged staff from multiple departments and included students of different age groups. His ability to analyse and synthesis copious amounts of material has resulted in us gaining clarity and direction. His enthusiasm and creativity contribute to providing an inspired approach to workshops with targeted outcomes. It has been a pleasure working with Nick.

- Denice Scala, Principal MLC School, Sydney

What they say

Nick Ingram got the message in one hearing. He understood the political, ethical and philosophical issues of our field, working with children with hearing loss, instantly. Not only this, he sensitively dealt with all stakeholders, shaped our thoughts and synthesized them into a coherent and visionary plan which can be carried out steadily by our group. I would never have expected to have got so far in one day! I have worked with Nick on several occasions and I would not hesitate to engage him again!

- Dr Dimity Dornan AM, Suncorp Queenslander of the Year 2010/2011, Managing Director and Founder, Hear and Say Centre

What they say

Your ability to translate discussion into simple concepts - statements - diagrams is genuinely terrific – the clear thinking name you use fits perfectly!

- Rebecca Stephens, Executive General Manager, Advisory Business Services, Suncorp

What they say

I have worked with Nick on various projects for over 5 years and have always been very impressed with the quality of work, insights and Nick's engaging style. Nick's facilitation encourages collaborative and creative thinking which produces output that stands the test of time. It's always a pleasure working with Nick and I look forward to working with him again.

- Lisa Harrison, Executive General Manager, Customer Distribution, Suncorp Life

what they say

Facilitation is an art - and you are an artist!

- Russell Bricknell, CEO, The Aged Care Channel




How I Can Help You

Strategic Facilitation of Leadership Teams

I help leadership teams think together coherently and creatively so that they can create their strategy. This clear thinking helps them to act in the world in meaningful ways.

Working with Individuals

I work with individuals to bring clarity to their thinking. I help them visualise their web of thoughts and see a clear way forward.

Education in Clear Thinking

Learn how to think coherently and creatively so that you can act more effectively in your life.


Necker Cube

Why a cube?

This cube is called a “Necker Cube”, and, according to my recollection of my first year Psychology lectures, is a classic demonstration of the way the brain perceives things.
When you first look at this cube, you are likely to see it only one way. Either you will see the bottom left face to the front. Or you will see the top right face to the front. But keep staring at it, and suddenly it will switch on you: as if moving in space. As you keep looking – it will switch back to its original configuration.
The thing I like about the Necker Cube is, once you have seen the switch happen, it will never look stable again. The cube will constantly switch back and forth before your eyes. It’s as if your brain has become more supple.


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