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Helping people think clearly – so they can have a meaningful impact on the world.

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About Nick

I am an experienced strategy facilitator: working with teams and individuals to help them think clearly about their strategy. Coherent and creative thinking is the best way to have a meaningful impact on the world.

I have been facilitating strategy workshops for leadership teams in the commercial, Government and not-for-profit sectors for over eight years. The foundation of my skills comes from the rigorous training in thinking that a Pure Mathematics degree provides, as well as twenty years in financial services and business.

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How I Can Help You

Strategic Facilitation of Leadership Teams

I help leadership teams think together coherently and creatively so that they can create their strategy. This clear thinking helps them to act in the world in meaningful ways.

Working with Individuals

I work with individuals to bring clarity to their thinking. I help them visualise their web of thoughts and see a clear way forward.

Education in Clear Thinking

Learn how to think coherently and creatively so that you can act more effectively in your life.

More information

Feel free to contact me to discuss how clear thinking is at the heart of any effective action.


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