Did CoVID leak from a lab? A Bayesian approach

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Wuhan Institute of Virology

I’ve resisted the temptation to write about this, but I need to get something out. None of the push-back on the lab-leak theory is acknowledging how unusual it is for a new virus to appear in the only city in China with a BSL4 lab. Of all the large cities in China – all with wet markets I assume – … Read More

Diagnosis – the key to a sharp strategy

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A good diagnosis gives clarity

If you want a sharp strategy, you must diagnose your current situation well. The best strategies I see  are the ones that are elegant in their diagnosis of their current situation. Without a shared, tight, description of the challenges and opportunities you are facing, you will founder in trying to work out what to do. This term – diagnosis – comes … Read More

The “Now Hear This” Podcast Festival in LA

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This is a jet-lagged post from the LAX American Airlines lounge waiting for a flight to Dallas. (Every Aussie frequent flyer should fly domestic in the US once in a while to realise how great we have it back home). Yesterday I spent my lay-over at the “Now Hear This” podcast festival in Anaheim. I got to see two of … Read More

The “centaur approach” to technology

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I’ve been thinking a lot about technology lately and how it’s going to impact humans at work. One client of mine is undertaking a strategic look at the future of work (and wondering about the future effects of AI on people and work); at the same time I’m preparing for a workshop in Palo Alto with a tech company that works … Read More

Podcasting the US election

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Everyone thought Serial was going to change podcasting forever. I wonder whether actually it will be the 2016 US election. Unlike any other political campaign in the past, most of my news on the US presidential race is coming from podcasts. There are six key podcasts I follow for US politics right now: 538 Elections – Nate Silver’s data journalism … Read More

Quick post – The irony of Trump being undone by video

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It’s been a while since I posted last – principally because I’ve been on holidays (Texas, DC and New York) – and then settling back in. But it’s time to start posting regularly again. I was going to post on how the way we consume media has continued to evolve, but the irony of Trump’s self-immolation is too attractive to … Read More

More on disfluency

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We’re off to the US on holidays this week so it will only be a quick update today, and then no posts for a few weeks. First stop is Texas for a mate’s wedding. It will be my first taste of an “open carry” state. And then on to New York with Lyn to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Last week’s … Read More

Disfluency – the key to insight

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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re surrounded by well presented data these days but actually not making any better decisions, or taking any better actions, because of it? Well you wouldn’t be alone. It turns out that often the easier data is to read – well designed graphs and tables – the less you’ll end up doing with … Read More

Clinton: “love trumps hate”

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After last week’s stunning speeches at the DNC, indulge me, please, with one more post on the US election. I’ve had people ask me a few times to say how I think Clinton crafts her narrative and how she answers the “worldview questions”. (If you need context on this, read the original post on narrative here. And the post on … Read More