Want a good solution? Frame the problem well

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One of the most powerful concepts I’ve come across in recent years is the idea of “wicked problems”. Powerful, because the simple naming of the idea of “wickedness” allows you the permission to bring in a whole range of different approaches to thinking about strategy. Approaches that are both useful and liberating. One of the best of those is the … Read More

A case study in disruption: Buzzfeed and Australian political news

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This month we all suddenly realised that the the internet had been disrupting infidelity right under our noses. The Ashley Madison hack brought that site into the public glare for all the wrong reasons (although it’s hard to imagine a right reason to bring that site to the fore). So, if the models underpinning traditional infidelity can be disrupted by … Read More

To make a real decision you have to kill options

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I learnt the other day that “decide” and “homicide” come from the same Latin root. “Caedere” is the Latin for “cut”. In “homicide” you cut a person (“homo”, literally a “man”). In “decide” you cut “off” (Latin, “de”). In other words a real decision will involve the cutting off, the killing off, of other options. Strategy is about choice Roger … Read More

A simple model of culture change

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How do you go about changing the culture of your organisation or team? And what the heck do we mean by “culture” anyway? I’ve been trying to get my thinking straight about culture. This post outlines a “frame” for thinking about, and acting on, culture: a simple and practical way for a workshop to do some useful thinking in this … Read More