Need great ideas from your team? Give them a good frame.

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Frames help groups think together

We’ve all been in meetings where people are asked to come up with ideas to solve a particular problem. At times the silence can be deafening. At other times, the ideas are pedestrian, and everybody knows it (but they don’t have the heart to point it out). So what to do? One of the best ways to get great output … Read More

Faced with a hard choice? Try doing nothing…

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An “old hand” fund manager once described the essence of his job to me…. “The most important part of my job is helping my team to feel comfortable to do nothing.” In short, his job boiled down to stopping most of the trades his team wanted to make. In his view, the best approach to investing was to take a … Read More

What you can expect from this blog

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So I’ve got a new website and, with it, a new blog. My plan is to start to re-position the business in my clients’ minds. Strategic facilitation is a great business, but it’s time to start to expand Nick Ingram Consulting to make it more than that. I want my business to be about helping people to think critically and creatively … Read More