Diagnosis – the key to a sharp strategy

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A good diagnosis gives clarity

If you want a sharp strategy, you must diagnose your current situation well. The best strategies I see  are the ones that are elegant in their diagnosis of their current situation. Without a shared, tight, description of the challenges and opportunities you are facing, you will founder in trying to work out what to do. This term – diagnosis – comes … Read More

“Prince’s muse … contained multitudes”

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(Photo above – Prince in Brussels in 1986 By Yves Lorson from Kapellen, Belgium – Prince, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4171922) Psychologists describe the years between 15 and 25 as the “reminiscence bulge”. These are the years we will go to when asked to tell stories about ourselves. Between the ages of 15 and 25 you become the person you will be for … Read More

Don Draper and “subconscious work”

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My family and I are belatedly catching up with “Mad Men” on Netflix – we missed it the first time round. Something that Don Draper said to Peggy Olsen the other day really struck me. You’ll recall that Don Draper is the (anti)hero of the series: the experienced ad executive. And Peggy Olsen (who I think is my favourite character) … Read More

The creativity secret from our family guinea pig

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Our family guinea pig, Fili, (named by my younger daughter after the dwarf) recently reminded me of one of the key secrets to creativity. But perhaps not in the way one might expect. Every day Fili (pictured above) gets put out in her run – which is basically a large cage with no floor or top. She (I know Fili’s a boy’s … Read More

Need great ideas from your team? Give them a good frame.

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Frames help groups think together

We’ve all been in meetings where people are asked to come up with ideas to solve a particular problem. At times the silence can be deafening. At other times, the ideas are pedestrian, and everybody knows it (but they don’t have the heart to point it out). So what to do? One of the best ways to get great output … Read More