For me the news is different now – musings on Paris 2015

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Header image “#AttenatsParis” by Le Figaro cartoonist @dmascret. If you’re of a certain age, you’re able to answer the question “Where were you when you heard JFK had been shot”? For me and my generation that question is more “Where were you when you heard Princess Di had been killed?” or “Where were you when you heard about 9/11?”. Regardless, … Read More

A case study in disruption: Buzzfeed and Australian political news

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This month we all suddenly realised that the the internet had been disrupting infidelity right under our noses. The Ashley Madison hack brought that site into the public glare for all the wrong reasons (although it’s hard to imagine a right reason to bring that site to the fore). So, if the models underpinning traditional infidelity can be disrupted by … Read More