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So I’ve got a new website and, with it, a new blog. My plan is to start to re-position the business in my clients’ minds. Strategic facilitation is a great business, but it’s time to start to expand Nick Ingram Consulting to make it more than that.

I want my business to be about helping people to think critically and creatively so that they can have a meaningful impact on the world.

This is a natural extension of what I do now, but I want to make it clearer in everyone’s minds. Not least in my own!

And that’s where this blog comes in. Over the next year I plan to post about how individuals and groups can think critically and creatively. The blog will be a way for me to think out loud about this domain. Hopefully the postings will be useful to you, the reader, as well. That’s certainly the intention.

So, over the next year, you can expect posts on the following topics:

  • Critical thinking: the rules of logic (deduction); inductive thinking; common thinking fallacies.
  • Creative thinking: how creativity works; ways to think creatively.
  • Decision making: effective decision making as an individual; how groups can make coherent decisions together.
  • Heuristics: “rules of thumb” we use in thinking.
  • “Frames”: frameworks we use that help us generate new ideas or order information coherently.
  • Statistics: how the principles of statistics apply to help you make good decisions under uncertainty.

I suspect there will be other topics as well as we unfold together what this domain of critical and creative thinking actually entails.

Let me know in the comments about any topics you would like to see covered.

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10 Comments on “What you can expect from this blog”

  1. This will be awesome. From where I stand I think you are trying to ambitiously bring together competing and contradictory forces.

  2. Hi Nick! Just a few questions.

    Why did you focus on critical/creative thinking? Is there a need? Gap in the market?

    Is critical/creative thinking a necessary condition for meaningful impact?


    1. Hi Gary – great to have you here! Yes I think there is a gap in the market. Particularly around critical thinking. I suspect the “innovation and creative” market is getting saturated, but I still want to explore creative thinking as well. It’s useful in what I do. Nonetheless, I think there is a market for critical thinking “solutions” for individuals and groups. And that’s what I really want to explore. And yes, I think critical and/or creative thinking is a necessary (but not sufficient) condition for meaningful impact in the world. Thanks!

  3. Many people find it difficult to think creatively. I think decoding problems and finding solutions is something many people can wrestle with, however, thinking creatively and designing innovative solutions takes a lot of work. Often the stumbling block is fear of the unknown or judgement from others that creative ideas are fanciful. There is a lot of risk in creative thinking! The more we can encourage creative thinking the better our communities will be. Awesome stuff Nick.

  4. Hi Nick, I’m so glad you’ll be blogging! Can’t wait to join the conversation. My background, as you know is in performing arts, yet intersects with many of your areas of work. I think the conversation between performing arts and mathematics could be surprising, creative and productive!

    1. Hi Tony – I agree – I think Maths and the Arts in general have a lot in common. I’d value your contributions. And thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Hi Nick,
    I am excited to see where this leads you. My intersection is creativity and connection and I for one believe creativity is the new black!. Well done and I look forward to your continued thought leadership.

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