Your meditation is difficult? It’s still doing you good

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Frustrated with your meditation practice? Ever tried a regular regime of meditation and given up in frustration? You know mindfulness meditation is good for you. You know that it helps fight procrastination as well as makes you less reactive to stress, helps with self control more broadly, and increases your focus. You made a promise to yourself to try ten … Read More

A useful ten minute procrastination “hack”

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Have you ever put off a piece of work because every time you think about it you just get more stressed? A toxic cycle of feeling guilty and stressed holds you paralysed until the night before the thing is due. And then the stress of not delivering the work finally becomes higher than the stress of doing the work, so … Read More

Procrastinating? Think of your future self

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We all procrastinate. About 20% of us do it chronically. But all of us do it from time to time. At its root, procrastination is a coping strategy for negative emotions: boredom; anxiety; sadness. Sirois and Pychl, in a 2013 paper, describe procrastination as “short term mood repair”. But they also add a really interesting observation. The fundamental cause of … Read More